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HBAGC Membership Spotlight
Patty Becknell- Prime Lending

Tell us a little about Patty Becknell, her background, family, etc.


“I’m originally from Pennsylvania, went to college in Virginia, and lived in Atlanta before moving to Chattanooga with my husband in 1989. I’ve worked in just about every angle of the residential loan business, from originating to auditing, and was even a builder’s real estate agent for a while. With PrimeLending, I help everyone from the small client to the jumbo client. My goal is to be your mortgage professional for life. Taking care of my customer is my number one priority.”


What are some of the products and services offered by Primelending?


“PrimeLending has all of the luxeries of a bank with the flexibility of being a true lender. Having the right products to back me up is a great thing. We have everything from basic purchases to refinances to four different renovation and escrow loans.”


What a some of the reasons you are an active HBAGC member and would encourage others to consider being an HBAGC member?


“I’ve had the opportunity to serve on several different HBAGC committees. It’s a great way to foster personal and professional relationships with the builders and other members. The news and information I’m able to gain by being an HBAGC member is critical to my construction loan customers. We are constantly getting information on regulations and trends that could help our customers and save them thousands of dollars.”