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Important information to consider when hiring a contractor.


  • Choose a contractor that is based in the area and has a verifiable local phone number and permanent address. Be wary of contractors with no ties to the area or ones that solicit door-to-door and offer steep discounts.
  • Get local references and ask friends or family for referrals of professionals who have successfully completed similar home repairs or construction projects.
  • Verify licensure of the contractor by visiting in Georgia or in Tennessee. Make sure the company or individual carries both a business and contractor’s license.
  • Ask for documented proof (and then verify by phone or in person) the contractor is insured and bonded.
  • Compare itemized quotes from three or more contractors, making sure all estimates are for the same work, specifications and warranties. Do not sign any paperwork until you are certain and have fully researched the company, and do not endorse insurance checks directly to the contractor. Get in writing exactly how you will make payments for the work performed.









  • Plumbing
    • A Rising Son Construction 
      Kyle Ray 
      (423) 641-8777
    • Adam Stephens Construction
      (423) 364-8850
    • Embark Project Services
      (423) 208-9897

    • Goodwin Southern Property LLC
      Frank Goodwin 
      (423) 313.4886
    • South East Total Services
      (423) 499-2911
  • Ramps/Handrails
      David Burrage
      (423) 624-9800
    • Mobility at Home 
      Lori Williams
      (423) 531-4663



  • Removal of Old Structure
  • Repair & Replace Fireplaces

    •  Southern Hearth & Patio A Blossman Company
      Wendy Timmerman
      (423) 899-3853




  • Safety Film/Tint 
    • River Valley Blinds Shades & Shutters

      Jason & Kelly Flaherty

      (423) 541-3100

  • Siding






  • Window Tint
    • River Valley Blinds Shades & Shutters

      Jason & Kelly Flaherty

      (423) 541-3100

  • Windows