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Housing Headlines
Housing reports to gauge effects of rising rates

The housing market has been a bright spot for the economy, but some clouds are looming.


USA Today
Housing reports to gauge effects of rising rates

The housing market has been a bright spot for the economy, but some clouds are looming.


Housing market could get a bump from Trump

Donald Trump was most famous for being a real estate developer before he became a reality TV star and then wound up Leader of the Free World. So it may not be a huge shock to find out that homebuilders have been on fire since he was inaugurated.


Existing-home sales tumble as tight inventory chokes housing market

Sales of previously owned homes tumbled in February as the housing market remained choked by tight inventory.


Construction Dive
Remodeling spending to grow in large US metros in 2017

A new study released by the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University predicts growth in home-improvement spending in 43 of the country's 50 largest metro areas this year. Within those markets, spending will be 6.8% higher than in 2016, according to the report.


The Wall Street Journal
The outer suburbs are once again outgrowing cities

Last year saw the strongest evidence yet that Americans are returning to traditional patterns in where they move—from cities to suburbs and from North to South—after a recession-driven pause of nearly a decade.


Mortgage applications fall 2.7%, as borrowers turn to riskier loans

The fast-rising cost of housing today is shrinking demand for home loans but also pushing those who are in the market toward cheaper, adjustable-rate mortgages.


The Denver Post

Priced out of Denver? Don't go running to the burbs for sticker-shock relief, report says

If Denver's red-hot real estate market has you seeking sticker-shock relief in the suburbs, you may be in for a nasty surprise.


The Wall Street Journal
Detroit's resurgence brings new housing concerns

Concerns about the downsides of gentrification are coming to the country's poorest major city. (Subscription may be required.)


The Wall Street Journal
International immigration gives boost to big U.S. cities, study says

International immigration is giving a boost to population growth in big urban areas in the U.S. even as local residents flee for places with lower housing costs, new research suggests. (Subscription may be required.)


The Wall Street Journal
The era of massive low-skilled immigration may already be over

The flow of foreign workers without a college education into the U.S. is likely to dwindle in the coming decades due to demographic and other forces, new research suggests, even if President Donald Trump doesn't carry out his pledge to build a wall on the southern border.




American Banker
Trump administration developing principles for housing finance reform

The Trump administration is developing a set of principles on how to reform the housing finance system that it hopes to release within a few months, a senior official said Tuesday. (Subscription may be required.)


CFPB preps to review major mortgage rules

January 2018 marks five years since the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finalized the qualified mortgage rule, as well as other key mortgage regulations.



The Wall Street Journal
Trump's low-key labor pick keeps businesses guessing

President Donald Trump's second choice for labor secretary, law school dean Alexander Acosta, stands in contrast to his first pick, fast-food executive Andy Puzder. (Subscription may be required.)


The Wall Street Journal
Next labor secretary faces long to-do list

The next labor secretary faces a growing to-do list. The position is among the last unfilled cabinet posts in President Donald Trump's administration. That has put on hold several politically sensitive tasks while career civil servant Ed Hugler has served as acting secretary since January. A confirmation hearing for Mr. Trump's second nominee, Alexander Acosta, is set for Wednesday. (Subscription may be required.)


Los Angeles Times
California housing bills could take away subsidies for homeowners and add them for renters

California lawmakers have introduced more than 130 bills this year that try to tackle the state's housing affordability crisis.



National Mortgage News
Trump budget could worsen flood insurance woes

The Trump administration's decision to slash all funding for the flood mapping and loss mitigation efforts in flood-prone communities is getting pushback from supporters of better flood management policies. (Subscription may be required.)