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Benefits of Belonging

Member Discounts

NAHB Member Discounts


Member Discounts   Member Advantage at a Glance



HBAT Builder / Remodeler Rebate Program

Free Member Benefit to Builder & Remodeler members of the HBA of Tennessee. There are currently over 50 of the country's leading Manufacturer Brands participating in the Member Rebate Program offering the same rebates as the "Top-5 Builders" receive regardless of your volume.


HBAT Builder / Remodeler Rebate Program


Average Annual Savings $1,206.93 in 2017




HBAGC Benefits

Make Strategic Contacts

Opportunities abound within the HBAGC and its Councils for you to create strategic business partnerships that will benefit you and your company.


Better Business Bureau

Our alliance with the Better Business Bureau provides builder assistance by being a resource and an educator for consumers with builder concerns, and provides assistance in facilitating dispute resolution.



Advertising opportunities are available through local, state and national newsletters and magazines, all of which are distributed to the entire association membership. Locally we offer advertising in The Hammer eNewsletter, the Chattanooga Builds Home Show (Spring) and Showcase of Homes (Fall) magazines, the HBAGC Website, and the Tri-State Home Show Guide.


Marketing Opportunities/Sponsorships

Want to increase your business’s visibility and credibility? Why not sponsor an association meeting or event? You’ll have a captive audience at your fingertips and a great chance to promote your latest idea or product- all while supporting the association.


Utilize Available Resources

Current information and resources are vital aids in building a successful business. The Builderbooks.com offers an array of useful tools and reference materials to help you in your daily business needs.


Government & Regulatory Affairs

The most important benefit of membership is our involvement in the government and regulatory arenas. By representing you at the local, state and national levels, the association keeps you in business! Members are continually kept up to date regarding industry impacting laws and regulations. When you join the HBAGC, you support the organization’s Government Affairs program. The Association is hard at work with an agenda to advance your interests–educating lawmakers and the general public about the important ways in which our members positively impact the economy and the Greater Chattanooga community.



Our strong legal action program, with funds available at the local, state and national levels, works to protect builders from unreasonable barriers and constraints to construction.


Strength in Numbers

Standing alone, you are one voice, but united with others in the association, many great things can be accomplished for the good of the building industry and the community in which we live. The association is also part of several coalitions that were created to not only help shape the future of our industry, but to ensure that you will have one.


3 in 1: A Package Deal

By joining your local home builders association, you are also joining the state and national associations. You will receive a wide range of services and benefits from each one. Staff members at each level in our three-tiered federation are here for our members and ready to assist you and your business.


Networking Opportunities

What better way to expand your business circle than by getting involved in a trade organization dedicated to the building industry? Membership meetings, golf outings, fishing tournament, cruises and seminars are just a few of the networking opportunities available to members.


Membership Directory

The HBAGC’s annual membership directory provides exposure of your business to more than 1,300 industry professionals, while strengthening your relationship with the key purchasers who are interested in your products and services. The membership directory is also available on our website.


Educational Opportunities- Sharpen Your Knowledge

The HBAGC’s convenient education programs delivers wisdom and advice straight from the minds of the building industry’s elite. Our education programs are intended to help elevate you to become a leader in your field by offering the best, most extensive continuing education programs available, whatever your specialization. The HBAGC has targeted curriculum, accomplished instructors and widely respected education opportunities in the business.


Insurance Programs

Through our state association (HBAT) a new health care plan is now available to HBAGC members. In addition, several money-saving insurance programs are available exclusively to members through the local, state and national associations.


Industry Publications

You will receive The Hammer, The Tennessee Builder and Builder Magazine which are distributed to members only. These publications are filled with new product and technology information to keep you in front of market trends. Newsletters from the local, state and national associations will keep you apprised of the latest regulatory changes and events in your area.


Professional Image

The image you portray to the buying public can make or break your business. By joining the home builders association, you are showing the public that you care about your industry, your peers, your customers and the community. Membership in the association will set you apart from others and distinguish you as truly committed to your business and the housing industry.


Web Sites

Log on to the HBAGC, HBAT or NAHB web sites and find the latest industry news, legislative and regulatory updates, industry studies and reports, available education programs, plus information on your membership benefits and services. 


Connect with Consumers Through HBAGC Member Logo

Consumer recognition is important to you. We strive for the home buying public to turn to the HBAGC as the reliable source when making important decisions about their future in home buying. The recognizable HBAGC logo is provided to members in good standing, upon request, for use on promotional items, advertisements, etc. Usage of the HBAGC member logo does not imply or denote endorsement of a product, service or company by the HBAGC and cannot be used as such by the member. E-mail the member company name and company primary contact name to ngosciniak@HBAGC.net to request the HBAGC member logo and usage instructions.