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Stormwater Legislation Update

Stormwater Legislation Strongly Backed By HBAGC Advances In Tennessee House of Representatives

On March 29, HB1892, the stormwater legislation strongly supported by HBAGC and HBAT, passed out of the House Local Government Committee with zero "no" votes.  The conversation in committee was lengthy.  A representative from the Sierra Club and the Commissioner of the Department of Environment and Conservation and his staff spoke against the bill, and Bill Penny (HBAT’s environmental counsel) along with John Farris (HBAT lobbyist) spoke in support of the bill.  There were numerous questions, but when the smoke cleared, the bill passed out of committee.  It will now go to the House Calendar and Rules Committee for scheduling to be heard by the full House.  It appears the bill will come to the House floor for consideration sometime during the week of April 4.


HBAGC greatly appreciates the strong support from Local Government Committee members Rep. Marc Gravitt and Rep. Dan Howell. 


The Senate version of the stormwater legislation has already been approved (vote was 31-0).