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Moving Made Easier

With the hot housing market in the Chattanooga area, many people are finding themselves moving in a hurry! Here are some things you can do to make your move to a new home a smoother transition.


Keep, Donate or Discard

Purge your closets and cabinets. Start keep, donate and discard boxes. If you haven’t worn or used something in the last year or two, consider donating or discarding the item. People tend to save items due to sentimental value although they may never use them. Be objective and save yourself work later in the moving process. 


Clean Out the Kitchen

Remove all out-of-date items in your pantry and refrigerator. If you have frozen foods expiring soon, try to use them before you move so you don’t have to transport cold items or throw them away. 


Buy Packing Supplies

The earlier you can start packing boxes, the better and the more time you have to make sure items are carefully secured inside. Buy packing tape, markers, boxes and bubble wrap. Consider using color-coded stickers so movers know where each box goes to expedite your moving day. 

For free boxes, ask on social media and check local liquor stores and recycle centers. Some recycle centers set large, sturdier boxes aside to be reused for free.


Hire Your Moving Company

Do homework for a reputable moving company. Ask for referrals from friends that recently moved, check with your realtor for suggestions and check Google and social media reviews. Get quotes and schedule your day ahead of time.

If you’re trying to handle the move yourself, enlist family and friends for extra sets of hands. Plan on having food and drinks for your crew, and consider reserving a truck from a local rental company. 


Clean Ahead of the Move

Consider hiring a cleaning service to deep clean your new home prior to your move-in date. It is much easier to clean before everything is moved in.

“Having your home professionally cleaned or cleaning it yourself before you move in provides you with a clean slate and makes it your space,” says Kindra Wallace, owner of Superior Cleaning Solutions.  



Be sure to fill out a change of address form, it can quickly be done online at https://moversguide.usps.com. Contact your utilities a couple of weeks ahead of the move to set up the cancellation of service and sign up with a new provider. You’ll want to ensure you have water, electricity, gas, sewer, trash and recycle services, security monitoring and internet. Finally, change the locks at your new home as you don’t know who may have keys.


For a list of local utility and security system providers, cleaning services and other home professionals to make your move easier, visit the membership directory at www.HBAGC.net.