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5 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

Those first daffodils and the layer of pollen on your vehicles signal that spring will be here before you know it. As mother nature continues to play her yearly game of highs and lows, inspecting and cleaning your home during the transition to warmer weather can make any household easier to manage. By dedicating just a few days to completing these simple tasks, you will keep your home running smoothly and protect your investment at the same time. To get started, here are five ideas to help you spruce up your home for spring.

Refresh Your Windows. As the weather gets warmer, it’s vital to ensure your windows are in good working condition. First, inspect all windows for proper operation and a tight fit. Next, clean the window tracks with a handheld vacuum or microfiber dusting cloth. If you have window screens, gently wash them with mild soap and water. Next, check that the weatherstripping hasn’t cracked or torn. You can reduce your energy bills by up to 10% by sealing leaks in windows and doors.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-up. Have your air conditioning system inspected and cleaned. If your system has a filter, replace it. A good rule of thumb is to change your air filter every three months to keep your unit working efficiently, more often if you own pets. If your HVAC system is in good shape, consider other ways to keep your home cool as the weather turns warmer, like adding curtains, shades or blinds to windows.

Prepare for Unwanted Pests. Warmer weather also means that pests – including ants, roaches, rats, and termites – will be looking to join your household. Keep them out by sealing cracks and openings along baseboards, behind sinks, and around pipes and windows. 

Inspect Your Roof. Severe weather can take a toll on your roof. Experts recommend checking your roof for any signs of winter damage from ice, snow, or debris. Remember to take special care when using a ladder to inspect your roof. Read and follow directions carefully.

Clean Your Gutters. Long winters bring a mix of storms and heavy winds that can carry a lot of debris to your gutters. Leaves, small branches and twigs can clog up your gutters and downspouts which can lead to damage and leaks over time. Cleaning gutters in the spring and then again late fall is recommended to keep your gutters in the best condition.

To find an industry professional to help with spring cleaning and home maintenance tasks, visit the HBAGC member directory.