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Monday Morning News

NAHB Weekly News Digest

Inside Washington

NAHB, Business Groups Sue to Block Overtime Rule

Set to take effect on Dec. 1, rule would double the overtime salary threshold.

GOP Senators and NAHB Urge Democrats to Act on WOTUS

New report highlights major flaws of EPA's overreaching water rule.

ESA Changes to Flood Insurance Program Will Harm Housing 

NAHB tells Congress how the new mandates will add costly regulations and restrict development.

New Housing Tax Credit Would Benefit the Middle Class

Builders commend Oregon senator for his proposal to spur more development of rental homes.




Builder Confidence Surges in September

As household incomes rise, more serious buyers are stepping forward.

Housing Production Hits a Mild Speed Bump

August was a blip in what has otherwise been a gradual, long-term recovery.

Green Building

Everything You Need to Know About the New Green Standard

Latest edition of the NGBS reflects notable advances in sustainable construction.

The New Math: Zero Energy Equals a Perfect 10

A few lessons from a long-time green builder on how to master this profitable energy equation.