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Local News and Information Archives for 2021-08

Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

With the hot, humid summer weather in the Chattanooga area, many homeowners are running their air conditioning 24/7. Now is a great time to find ways to lower your energy bill. Here are some ideas that can help.


Smart Thermostat

Installing and setting a programmable thermostat can lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 10% each year. If you’re uncomfortable installing one yourself, visit the member directory at www.HBAGC.net for a list of reliable HVAC professionals in our area.


Water Efficiency

Here are some items plumbers suggest homeowners do to have a more water-efficient home: 

-Adjust the PRV (pressure reducing valve) to the proper PSI

-Regular replacement of water-saver aerators to existing faucets

-Install water-saving/efficient showerheads in their showers

-Install water-saving/efficient toilets

“Each of these items helps homes to be more water-efficient and also helps them to save money on their water bills,” says JT Alier, owner of South East Total Service.


Energy-Saving Lighting

Replacing just five of your home’s most used lights with energy-efficient bulbs can save you up to $75 per year. 


Heating and Air Maintenance

Have an HVAC professional provide annual maintenance for your heating and cooling system, and be sure to change your filters regularly. Check your air conditioner’s evaporator coil, which should be cleaned annually to ensure the system is performing at optimal levels. Also, air loss through ducts accounts for nearly 30 percent of a cooling system’s energy consumption. Sealing and insulating ducts will lower your electricity bills. 



During the day, switch off lights and use windows and skylights to brighten your home. When you’re not using natural light from windows though, be sure to take advantage of energy-efficient window treatments or coverings such as blinds, shades and films which help keep the temperatures down by reducing heat gain.  


Ceiling Fans

Using ceiling fans will allow you to raise your thermostat four degrees, helping to lower your electricity bills without sacrificing overall comfort.


Caulk Air Leaks

Check your home around windows and doors for air leaks. A cheap tube of caulk can make a big difference in sealing out warm air and saving you money.


To find home professionals in the greater Chattanooga area to help you get your house more energy-efficient, visit the member directory at www.HBAGC.net.