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Local News and Information Archives for 2022-12

Is Your Home Healthy?

Every January, the gyms and trails of Chattanooga are packed with those making changes in their routines to live healthier. One area you may not be considering as you make changes is your home. Creating a clean-living environment is crucial to not just your physical but your mental well-being as well. Here are a few simple changes that can make your home healthier for the new year.


Eliminate pollutants at the front door. Simply adding double door mats can reduce the amount of dirt and pollen tracked into your home by 80 percent.   Place a quality outdoor mat outside to wipe dirt off shoes and another inside the entryway. Removing shoes when you enter can decrease dirt tracked inside even more. Adding shoe storage and slippers near the door can help you and your family adopt and stick to this new habit. 


Go green by including plants in your home design. Studies show that bringing nature indoors not only reduces toxins but is also proven to reduce stress. Choose air-purifying house plants such as English ivy, aloe vera or peace lilies. If you have pets, opt for Boston ferns, bamboo palms or spider plants which are non-toxic for cats and dogs.


Look for natural, organic cleaners in lieu of chemical-laden ones. When purchasing household cleaners, shop for 100% plant-based cleaners without harsh ingredients. You may also be surprised at how many cleaners you can make yourself with ingredients you already have at home such as vinegar and essential oils. 


Air flow is vital to creating a healthy home. Resist the urge to shut off unused rooms, as this can increase the chances of mold growth and reduce air circulation. Keeping ceiling fans on low can also help with air flow. Most ceiling fans have a switch that changes the direction of the blades in the winter to force warm air down. 


And finally, don’t forget to change your HVAC filters regularly. Most air filters should be changed every few months, but more often if you have furry family members. Check to see if your system will accommodate HEPA filters, which offer the best filtration for common allergens. If you suffer from severe allergies, consider adding air purifiers to your home or contacting one of our local HVAC members to inquire about HVAC systems that include air purification.


For more information on creating a healthy, happy home in 2023, visit the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga’s website at www.HBAGC.net.